We are a boutique design practice based in İstanbul, founded by Hande Köksal in 2014.

With a common desire to challenge the status quo of the environment, the team focuses to create meaningful design solutions and creating well-thought, functional spaces of comfort.

HANDE KÖKSAL I Founder Designer

After graduating from Architecture Faculty of Yıldız Technical University, she had completed her master’s degree on Computational Design of Architecture in 2003.


Over 10 years of experience on architecture field, Hande decided to move her practice to Interior Design. After consulting as a local interior designer for many projects, she founded her own studio in 2013. Her strengths lie in articulating the client’s needs and leading her team to fulfill the potential of each project. 

ONUR ARGUN I Senior Designer

Onur’s background of education as an interior designer and his special interest on mechanics and production process, pays significant role in the works he involves. After he had his bachelor’s degree in Interior Design Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University,


Onur started his career in one of the few well-known designer shop in İstanbul. The knowledge of dealing with everyday issues from start to finish of making a product allows him to communicate with each medium, and enjoy the variety of diverse materials. He has many talents like quick problem-solving to multi-tasking ability together with his attention to detail, which make him take significant role in concept design phase as well as on-site works.